Leaving a deposit

We ask for a 30% deposit to confirm a reservation. This deposit is your assurance that the items reserved will be available on the day you request.


All pickup orders must be paid on the date scheduled for pickup unless credit arrangements have been made in advance. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and direct debit. All deliveries must be paid a minimum of one day prior to your event. If the order is not paid for, the driver will not load the truck with your rentals. We will only accept cheques if received and dated at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled day of pick up or delivery.

Delivery and set-up

Delivery/pick-up service is available at a nominal fee based on location. Deliveries are made to a dock, garage or door readily accessible to our trucks. Delivery/pick-up charge is for tailgate drop off. If delivery/pick-up is to be made to a specific floor area, an additional charge may be incurred. All rental items should be left in the same location for pickup as delivered. Tables need to be folded, chairs stacked and dishes and linen put in the appropriate containers.

Set up and take down is not included in the regular rental rate unless otherwise stated. We can set-up and take-down tables and chairs at an additional charge. If you require set-up or take-down service, it is necessary to advise us in advance and additional charges will be quoted.

Broken or lost equipment

We offer an optional damage waiver at 10% of the total rental. This waiver covers broken or damaged equipment only. Lost items are NOT covered under the damage waiver and are charged at replacement cost price. For this reason, damaged items must be returned to be eligible for protection. If the damage waiver is declined at the time of rental, all damaged and missing items will be charged at replacement cost price.

Damage Waiver is NOT Insurance

You are responsible for any loss or damage to the Rented Items and for their return in the same condition in which they were received, except for ordinary wear and tear. If you accept the Damage Waiver however, we agree to waive our right to recover from you the amount of damage to the Rented Items.

The Damage Waiver does not cover:

  • Stolen, lost or missing equipment
  • Misuse or abuse of equipment
  • Customer negligence
  • Damage incurred by a third party

The damage waiver will cover weather damage

(wind, rain, lightening) to the tents.

The Renter has the right to decline the Damage Waiver and Tiffany Party Rentals Ltd. has the right to decline to offer the Damage Waiver. We also reserve the right to ask for a damage deposit of a minimum of $100.00 per rental contract if the Damage Waiver is declined.

The charge for this waiver is 10% of the total rental fee. If damaged rental items are not returned, full replacement cost will be charged. Please be sure equipment is secure when not in use and that rental items are protected from the weather. Responsibility for equipment remains with the lessee.

Returning equipment late

Returning equipment late deprives other customers the use of that rental equipment, so you will be charged for each additional day the equipment is late.